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Engraved Cards

Engraved Correspondence Cards are the most luxurious of cards to correspond on.
Beautifully printed using steel dies that impress the print into the card, these pass the “finger test” on both sides; raised on the front and depressed on the back.

A stationery connoisseur will immediately recognise the quality of your stationery and your missive will leave a lasting impression.

Once you start using these, you’ll appreciate why the stationery connoisseurs are so fastidious !

Engraved Cards - Engraved Half Kings
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Engraved Half Kings

A very neat size that does not require too much writing ! And as usual, they will come with our heavyweight diamond backed envelopes, which can be printed with your address and tissue-lined if required. Measuring 4" x 6¼" (157mm x 101mm), these are a traditional imperial size which a true connoisseur will appreciate.
100 Cards and Envelopes£385.00
200 Cards and Envelopes£473.00
300 Cards and Envelopes£543.00

Engraved Cards - Engraved Half Post-Quarto
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Engraved Half Post-Quarto

Luxuriously large (7" x 4½") they're perfect for people with larger writing.
Your matching envelopes will all be diamond backed and can be printed with your address and tissue lined, if you wish, at extra cost.
100 Cards with matching Envelopes£397.00
200 Cards with matching Envelopes£485.00
300 Cards with matching Envelopes£555.00

Engraved Cards - Engraved Long Cards
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Engraved Long Cards

Using our best papers and expert printing, these cards offer a very smart alternative to the more traditional options above. If you like to write and leave a lasting impression, then these long slim cards (210mm x 99mm) will get you noticed and not forgotten.
100 Cards with matching Envelopes£395.00
200 Cards with matching Envelopes£480.00
300 Cards with matching Envelopes£550.00

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